RNAsoft - Conditions of Use

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We hope that you find the RNAsoft software services useful. If you use any of the services provided on this website in your research, we ask you to acknowledge this by including the RNAsoft URL, www.rnasoft.ca, as well as the following reference:

Mirela Andronescu, Rosalia Aguirre-Hernandez, Anne Condon, and Holger H. Hoos: RNAsoft: a suite of RNA secondary structure prediction and design software tools. Nucleic Acids Research, 31 (13): 3416-3422, 2003.

We would also be grateful if you would notify us via e-mail to support at rnasoft dot ca of any publication for which RNAsoft services were used, as we intend to compile lists of such publications for each of the RNAsoft programs.


The services provided through RNAsoft are free of charge. Although the authors have made every effort to ensure that the various software services correctly implement the underlying models and fullfill the function described in the documentation, neither the authors nor the University of British Columbia guarantee its correctness, fitness for a particular purpose, or future availability.