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General features
Type: 5S Ribosomal RNA
Organism: Any
Source: Any , Source ID: Any
Length: Any
Validated by NMR or X-Ray: I don't care
Number of molecules in complex: Any
Fragment: I don't care
Duplicates: All molecules
Sequence pattern: Any
Abstract shape: Any

Search results: 161 results found.
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RNA STRAND ID [?] Molecule name [?] Type [?] Organism [?] Source [?] Source ID [?] Length [?]
CRW_00568 d.5.b.T.thermophilus5S rRNAThermus thermophilusGutell Lab CRW Sited.5.b.T.thermophilus121
CRW_00569 d.5.b.Thermus.sp5S rRNAUnknownGutell Lab CRW Sited.5.b.Thermus.sp121
CRW_00570 d.5.e.S.cerevisiae5S rRNASaccharomyces cerevisiaeGutell Lab CRW Sited.5.e.S.cerevisiae118
CRW_00573 h.5.b.E.coli.hlxnum5S rRNAEscherichia coliGutell Lab CRW Siteh.5.b.E.coli.hlxnum120
CRW_00585 s.5.b.E.coli.schem5S rRNAEscherichia coliGutell Lab CRW Sites.5.b.E.coli.schem120
CRW_01482 d.5.a.D.mobilis5S rRNAUnknownGutell Lab CRW Sited.5.a.D.mobilis133
CRW_01484 d.5.a.H.mediterranei.15S rRNAUnknownGutell Lab CRW Sited.5.a.H.mediterranei.1123
CRW_01485 d.5.a.H.morrhuae.15S rRNAUnknownGutell Lab CRW Sited.5.a.H.morrhuae.1123
CRW_01486 d.5.a.H.morrhuae.25S rRNAUnknownGutell Lab CRW Sited.5.a.H.morrhuae.2120
CRW_01487 d.5.a.H.saccharovorum5S rRNAUnknownGutell Lab CRW Sited.5.a.H.saccharovorum123

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