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RNA STRAND contains known RNA secondary structures of any type and organism. The ultimate goal of this database is to incorporate a comprehensive collection of known RNA secondary structures, and to provide the scientific community with simple yet powerful ways of analysing, searching and updating the proposed database.
Current holdings: 4666 secondary structures in total.                                        
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Provenance of RNA STRAND structures
Source and link to source
1059RCSB Protein Data Bank
1056Gutell Lab CRW Site
726tmRNA Database
622Sprinzl tRNA Database
454RNase P Database
383SRP Database
313Rfam Database
53Nucleic Acid Database

Schematic representation of the secondary structure (a set of base pairs) for the RNase P RNA molecule of Methanococcus marapaludis from the RNase P Database; RNA STRAND ID is ASE_00199. Thick blue dots mark base pairs. Red dashed boxes mark structural features.
Structural feature occurences in RNA STRAND
#RNAs #Occurences Structural motif
23336746 Pseudoknots
358217537 Multibranched loops
299235650 Internal loops
289831392 Bulge loops
457543442 Hairpin loops
229648730 Non-canonical base pairs

Most common RNA types in RNA STRAND
# RNAs RNA type
726 Transfer Messenger RNA
723 16S Ribosomal RNA
707 Transfer RNA
470 Ribonuclease P RNA
450 Synthetic RNA
394 Signal Recognition Particle RNA
205 23S Ribosomal RNA
161 5S Ribosomal RNA
152 Group I Intron
146 Hammerhead Ribozyme
64 Other Ribosomal RNA
53 Other Ribozyme
42 Group II Intron
41 Cis-regulatory element


M. Andronescu, V. Bereg, H. H. Hoos, and A. Condon. RNA STRAND: The RNA Secondary Structure And Statistical Analysis Database. BMC Bioinformatics. 2008;9(1):340. [pubmed]

Supplementary material 1: List of Rfam published families which are included in RNA STRAND
Supplementary material 2: Description of the output of the RNA Secondary Structure Analyser


The RNA Secondary Structure Analyser
The RNA STRAND database

Conditions of use

We hope that you find RNA STRAND useful. If you use the database or analysis provided on this website in your research, we ask you to acknowledge this by citing the [STRAND] reference below. We thank the following sources for giving us permission to redistribute RNA sequence and secondary structure data: In addition, we ask you to acknowledge the original sources listed above of the RNA STRAND data that you use, and the corresponding publication listed below. Additional citations are available in the "Reference" field of each RNA STRAND entry page.
  • [STRAND] Andronescu M, Bereg V, Hoos HH, and Condon A: RNA STRAND: The RNA Secondary Structure and Statistical Analysis Database. BMC Bioinformatics. 2008;9(1):340.
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Use of the RNA STRAND is free of charge. Although the authors have made every effort to ensure that the database and analyzer are correctly implemented, and fulfill the function described in the documentation, neither the authors nor the University of British Columbia guarantee its correctness, fitness for a particular purpose, or future availability.

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